About the conference

SWISS FUND DAY has been initiated in 2006 by several representatives of the fund- and asset management industry as a conference platform to present and discuss topics in the area of operations, regulations, information technology, systems and processes. It is dedicated to representatives from the management as well as to specialists from operations and IT.

With this range of topics our event has to this day a unique selling proposition. From the very beginning it has enabled us to present current topics in an impartial and comprehensive way from the perspective of practitioners. The importance of the event is also reflected in the fact that the Asset Management Association Switzerland (AMAS) took over the patronage of the SWISS FUND DAY in 2011 and has since been actively supporting the topic design.

The SWISS FUND DAY takes place every year in autumn during an afternoon. It is usually divided into two parts. In the first part some illustrious representatives from operations and IT will present a dedicated topic in line with the overall event theme. In the second part some high-profile people take part in an animated panel discussion followed by an networking-apéro.

SWISS FUND DAY is organized as a non-profit event and funded by sponsors. Our advisory board, consisting of all important representatives of the industry, is responsible for the content of the meeting and compiles the program.

Organizing Committee

The organising committee chooses and selects the advisory board. The main activities of the organisation committee are the fund raising, event planning and the responsibility for the financial aspects of the event. It consists of two ExB members of State Street Global Exchange and PureFacts Financial Solutions.

The organising commitee is composed as follows:

PureFacts Financial Solutions

Domenico Le Pera

State Street

Marc Breitenbach

The event is organized and held under the patronage of the Asset Management Association Switzerland (AMAS).

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board defines the main focus of the event, proposes or evaluates lecture titles and lecturers, selects lecture titles offered by third parties and determines the final program.


The advisory board is composed as follows:

PureFacts Financial Solutions

Ralph Mogicato

State Street

Marc Breitenbach

State Street Global Exchange

Reto Tschäppeler

Asset Management Association Switzerland

Adrian Schatzmann

Credit Suisse AG

Markus Hafner

Kendris AG

Damian Tobler

SwissCanto Fondsleitung AG

Andreas Hogg

Northern Trust Switzerland AG

Karsten Illy


Georg Pfister

Bank Vontobel

Michaela Suter


Marco Chinni