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Save the date for Swiss Fund Day 2024!

We are delighted to announce that the next edition of the SWISS FUND DAY, the leading event for fund professionals in Switzerland, will take place on 10 September 2024. Join us for a day of inspiring keynote speeches, insightful panel discussions, and valuable networking opportunities with your peers and experts from the industry.

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The advent of artificial intelligence is set to revolutionize the asset management landscape. Emerging AI technologies promise unparalleled prospects for growth, efficiency, and innovation. However, some express concerns about the potential replacement of critical human judgment and a perceived loss of control.

As we steer through this transformative period, the 18th SWISS FUND DAY provides a platform to delve into the fusion of finance and AI. Join industry leaders for a day of insightful presentations, engaging panel discussions, and valuable networking at Zurich’s AURA event hall. 

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THE Swiss Fund Day

The annual conference and networking event for the fund and asset management industry in Switzerland and beyond

Engaging Talks

Learn First HAnd About the current industry TRends

Featured Speakers

Join us for an exclusive event where you’ll have the opportunity to hear from and engage with leading experts and practitioners in the fund and asset management industry. Representatives from Northern Trust, McKinsey & Company, Zürcher Kantonalbank, Alpha Financial Markets Consulting, Capco, Swiss Life Asset Management, and the Asset Management Association Switzerland (AMAS) will share their valuable insights and perspectives.

They’ll discuss the current challenges and opportunities facing the investment fund industry, particularly in light of the paradigm shift driven by artificial intelligence (AI). Additionally, our speakers will present insights into new technologies, models, processes, practical experiences, and use cases.

Veronika MĂĽller-Wilmes, Featured Speaker, Event Host SWISS FUND DAY 2024

Veronika MĂĽller-Wilmes

Head of Business Development Asset Management
ZĂĽrcher Kantonalbank

Adrian Schatzmann, Featured Speaker, SWISS FUND DAY 2024

Adrian Schatzmann

Asset Management Association Switzerland (AMAS)​

Marius Huber, Featured Speaker at SWISS FUND DAY 2024

MArius Huber

Associate Partner
McKinsey & Company

Maximilian Fiedler, Featured Speaker at SWISS FUND DAY 2024

Maximilian Fiedler

Engagement Manager
McKinsey & Company

Stefan Fröhlich

Portfolio Manager
ZĂĽrcher Kantonalbank

Ben Bobroff, Featured Speaker at SWISS FUND DAY 2024

Ben Bobroff

Global Head of Digital Solutions Consulting
Northern Trust

Andrew Salmon

Alpha Financial Markets Consulting

Guido BĂĽrgin, Featured Speaker at SWISS FUND DAY 2024

Guido BĂĽrgin

Head Business Management & RFP
Swiss Life Asset Managers

Aniello Bove, Featured Speaker at SWISS FUND DAY 2024

Aniello Bove


Peter Damisch, Featured Speaker at SWISS FUND DAY 2024

Peter Damisch


Panel Discussion

Hear controversial opinions on the conference's topic

The Panelists

At this year’s Panel Discussion, representatives of Northern Trust, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences, Swiss Life Asset Managers, Vontobel Asset Management and Modulos AG will controversially discuss the topic of “AI – Really the Big Wave?” and dissect the impact of AI on asset management.

Karsten Illy, Panel Host at SWISS FUND DAY 2024

Karsten Illy

Country Manager
Northern Trust


Prof. Dr. Ladan Pooyan-Weihs

Lucerne University of Applied Sciences

Benjamin Jonen

Head of Financial Engineering
Swiss Life Asset Managers

Andrea Gentilini, Featured Panelist at SWISS FUND DAY 2024

Andrea Gentilini

Head Quantitative Investment
Vontobel Asset Management AG

Kevin Schawinski

Modulos AG

Professional Networking

This is where the asset management industry meets

ExCeptional Event Venue

Prime Location At ParadePlatz Zurich

A look back at last year's edition of SWISS FUND DAY

We look back on a successful 17th SWISS FUND DAY featuring inspiring presentations, a stimulating panel discussion, and valuable personal exchange.

Download the PDFs of the presentations or take a look at our photo gallery

Conference Topic 2023:

Mutual Funds–
A Future-Proof Model?

Mutual funds have long been a popular investment choice, providing individual investors with a wide range of investment opportunities across asset classes, regions, and sectors.

However, with the rapid development of new technologies, alternative investment models – such as fractional trading, blockchain, and actively managed certificates – are becoming established, enabling the creation of diversified and customized portfolios for a wide range of needs. This raises the question of whether investment funds are still viable as a relevant and efficient investment model in the future.

This conference will brought together leading experts to discuss the latest trends, innovations, and challenges in the fund industry. They explored the different investment models available, ethical and regulatory issues related to investing, and the tools and strategies for building successful portfolios that generate shareholder value.

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